Dating in Today’s World

Now depending on your age, this could be a topic of great debate. The days of writing letters, calling someone on a landline telephone, making a mix tape on a cassette player, are all very long gone. Today’s reality when it comes to dating, is heavily influenced by online activities. Nowadays when it comes to dating, very rarely will you find someone without some sort of online footprint. What are the social media applications you use? Popular ones range from, obviously, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, and there are many up and coming chat apps that young people are flocking to. So which popular sites should you go to with the end goal of actually landing a relationship? In fishing, if you’re looking for bass, halibut, or salmon, you have very specific areas you will go to. It’s not just as simple as going out to the local river and casting out a line with the hope of getting a whopper. At best you might catch a carp, catfish, or even a turtle. This very same truth applies to the dating world. When it comes to technology, there are “lots of fish” in the sea, and it will benefit you greatly to know where to look for the right one.

Cleanse the inner vessel

Dating and romance is one of those topics that can be so fascinating, divisive, and down right confusing. By all means, I’m not expert here, however, I hope to offer a perspective that might be opposite to the things that all of us see in movies and TV and lets be honest, we tend to pick up on these things like they’re “normal” or how dating and marriage should be. It’s safe to say that there are some bits of truth that can be found in these messages, but at the same time, there is a lot of garbage that can be found mixed with the gems.

So why would we call this post “cleanse the inner vessel”? When it comes to dating and marriage this is truly important. You are the vessel- your mind, body, and soul. If you are dating or are hoping to date, I mean this site is called for crying out loud haha, so I assume you are looking to date. Side note, I actually mean “date” or “court”  not just “hooking up”. If you ever want to find that great person, you also need to be great. Makes sense right? There’s an equally good chance that this great person you’re seeking is also looking for someone who is, well, great. I learned this from a good friend of mine, a business owner, who owns a company at Not only is he successful in his career, but I would venture to say he has an even more successful marriage and beautiful family. These things didn’t happen to him by accident, his mindset was different than the average Joe. We’ll dig into some of these things although in all likelihood we’ll only scratch the surface.

Getting started at Romanian Dating Women

First of all, thanks for stopping by, this is going to be a resource to you (the reader) about what the dating life is like in Romania and eventually we’ll add in other locations too. So how does one find romance in Romania? Or abroad for that matter? We’ll dive into that topic here and hope that this will be a great reference to you in your pursuit of love and happiness.

To start with, it’s helpful to know a little bit about the country we’re discussing- Romania. Where is it? What’s the population? What language do they speak? What’s the dominant religion? What’s the culture like? What about Transylvania? Knowing the answers to these questions is a good start, wouldn’t you say?